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Security for events & more – Solutions by Genuine Security

Security for events and more.

Security for events and more offered by Genuine Security are second to none when it comes to planning, reliability & safety. Our guards and staff are trained to the highest degree of standards and we deliver only the highest quality of security services.

Our commitment to you

For security purposes we will not disclose our detailed plan of action here but see below for a general idea. Upon inquiry and contracting our services, a full & detailed plan of action will be provided to you and adjust as needed to your needs.
We will meticulously assess every situation for possible threats. Your safety is our priority. Our plan of action includes

•a strong visible presence that dissuades would-be attackers
•preventive measures that will intercept any possible threats
•emergency plans that prepare everyone to respond appropriately should an incident occur.

Effective security reassures the public without detracting from the event’s image or inconveniencing the attendees. To achieve this balance, the event planner should select an experienced security practitioner who has diverse experience and the proper personnel to implement the security plan professionally. Genuine Security is one such group of professionals.
Assessing the likely risks is only the first step in successful event security planning. Our plan of action also includes preventative measure components such as

•DETERRENCE. This equates to the degree a particular security measure will deter a would-be threat.
•PREVENTION. This determines the effectiveness of a security measure in intercepting an attempted security breach or preventing certain assaults or disruption.
•ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT. Evaluating venues/events prior to even start date. We provide a professional assessment of venue, event and/or location to ensure enough staff and all critical areas are secure.
Additional properties of our plan of action include but not limited to:
•Entry Criteria and Access Control
•Critical Area Protection
•Specific Security Concerns
•Specific Deterrents or Responses
•Emergency Action Plans
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